Poetry by Emily Isaacson on existence and the prophetic earth.

Friday, December 2, 2016

What Kind of Leadership?

Today I wanted to talk to you about the difference between holistic leadership and orthodox leadership. 

When a leader changes his style and way of relating with every person he interacts with, this is holistic behavior. Holistic practitioners also believe that each person is different and that our approach to healthcare will be different for every person. When we relate to everyone based on their backgrounds, style and needs differently, this is not a fault, but rather accepting that everyone is different. This is a flexible form of leadership that resists labels and categories for people.

When a leader acts the same with every person, and his smile never wavers, his approach is always the same, this is orthodox leadership. An orthodox society believes that the rules should be the same for everyone, and it is only fair if everyone get the same treatment. Orthodox practitioners, such as medical doctors have the same approach for every person. It is a standardized approach, that they are taught to use, so no one gets missed. 

Has Jesus' ministry on earth changed at all in the last two thousand years? Does his approach to us change in modern times? If I told you that Jesus in the new millennium has more freedom to practice holistic leadership, this might be a step forward. Jesus is able to vary his way of relating so that it is emotionally relevant to you personally. This is what makes a prophetic moment so special. 

An orthodox response to humanity would be to tell them simply that they are going to heaven or hell. This orthodox response is something many people react to. It's time to think like a modern Jesus and see what would meet an individual's need for a connection with God in a modern culture. It is different for every person. What Jesus will say to connect with them personally will surprise you every time.