Poetry by Emily Isaacson on existence and the prophetic earth.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Raspberries in January

A prophetic moment is like asking for 'Raspberries in January'. It is something decidedly out of the ordinary. We notice because we were not expecting God to meet us in this way. He speaks and suddenly we are quiet: we listen to that still small voice that Elijah heard once in a cave. 

It was Murray Dueck, the director of Samuel's Mantle, a prophetic school in Abbotsford, who said that when Jesus passed by the fig tree and cursed it, it wasn't even the right season for figs. That would be like us in Abbotsford expecting raspberries in January. As such, I have named my prophetic blog. 

I want to discuss going beyond religion for awhile with you. 

This life goes on and we seldom have time to talk, I mean really discuss what religion is and what character comes of it. What is beyond religion . . . if religion affects us in a positive way, we will eventually go beyond it to discover our spiritual nature. 

Our spiritual nature looks for a god to fill its spiritual vessel.

This is like being a vase, and hoping to be filled with flowers. Flowers might represent God's blessings. Let God's special touch fill you with flowers today!